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Motor insurance is an aid to protect your vehicle from financial losses due to accidents, unforeseen risks, theft, natural calamities, and help you with the maintenance charges. Being one of the best insurance company in kenya, we offer customized plans that fit your budget perfectly.

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We offer amazing travel insurance cover to protect you during your trips abroad and beyond. We help you to handle medical emergencies, and other unforeseen risks that you might encounter during a trip. We provide enticing domestic and international insurance cover.

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Being the best life insurance company in Kenya, we offer various life insurance policies for which you can pay an insurance premium on a term basis for the time period mentioned in the policy. As a top life insurance company in Kenya, we in return are required to pay an assured sum to the family in case of the policy holder’s sudden death during the policy term.

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Wiba Insurance is an employee benefit plan that helps employees to get financial compensation while on duty or any project undertaken by the policyholder against accidents or bodily injuries/disabilities or death. According to the WIBA Act 2007, the employee can claim for compensation against accidental bodily injury, disablement or death at work. Wiba Insurance can be availed by employees above the age of 18.

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We offer affordable medical insurance plans for health-related issues and injuries. Good family insurance helps you with expensive treatments, post-treatment appointments, charges for medicines, etc. We provide family medical insurance to keep you away from the serious financial drain and help you to prepare for the worst of health emergencies.

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We are the best home insurance in Kenya offering affordable insurance plans to protect your property and its home contents against the damages caused by fire, burglary, flooding, and other unforeseen events. Our home insurance Kenyan company fully covers all expenses of the damage. It also includes your personal belongings such as laptops, Mobile Phones, Camera, etc.

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