This is a cover that protects you from financial loss in the event of an accident. Motor insurance is a contract between an insurance company and you. You pay premiums and the company pays for your losses as detailed in your contract. Car insurance in Kenya is mandatory to drive on any Kenyan public road.

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Third-party only (TPO) car insurance cover

This is the cheapest type of car insurance cover we have in Kenya. However, the law requires that each car in Kenya must have this type of car insurance cover. This cover does not protect the owner but protects third parties in the event of an accident. It does not also protect the car. The owner will foot the cost of repairing the car in such an event.

Third-party fire and theft car insurance cover

This is a type of car insurance cover that is higher than the TPO cover and slightly cheaper compared to comprehensive car insurance. The difference between the two is that this cover protects the owner and the car from theft and fire risks as well as third-party risks.

Comprehensive car insurance cover

As the name suggests, this is the cover that insures the owner and car against a wide array of risks. It offers all the benefits of the other two types of car insurance in Kenya. In addition, it also covers the repair costs that come from an accident. At Amsurrity, we have partnered with reputable car insurance companies in Kenya and together we help you choose the best motor insurance cover for you and allow you to customize all the benefits applicable to you. We offer competitive car insurance rates and we do so by offering a side-by-side comparison of car insurance calculators available on our website.

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