Life insurance helps in providing you with financial protection in the event of early death, diagnosis of a critical illness, and permanent total disability. The benefits paid from the maturity of life insurance in Kenya are usually a lump sum that is tax-free. Life insurance policies in Kenya come in various forms including education insurance policies, endowment insurance plans, whole life insurance as well as term insurances.

What is often overlooked or not understood are the many “living benefits” of life insurance-especially whole life insurance .

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Choosing the best life insurance policy

Maximized Savings

Life insurance provides the perfect way for people to save. Not only does it help you achieve saving discipline, but it also helps you plan for the future.

Tax Relief 

When one takes a life insurance policy in Kenya, they are entitled to a 15% of tax relief every month up to a maximum of KES. 5,000 a month which translates to KES. 60,000 year. Once you have signed up for a policy of term of more than 10 years, a tax relief certificate is issued and you can submit to your employer and you can start enjoying this benefit immediately.

Retirement Planning 

A long-term life insurance plan in Kenya can be used to help one plan for retirement. You have the option to convert your endowment life insurance plan into an annuity plan and help you plan for the future.

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